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Echar (Span­ish for “to throw,” par­tic­u­lar­ly in the metaphor­ic sense such as, “to throw out”) comes from the Latin Iactare, mean­ing “to throw”. From the same root, we get the Eng­lish jet — a jet plane throws it­self at an in­cred­i­ble speed!

Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: verb : iacto, fluctuor, jacto, jaculor, iaculor, proicio, projicio, agito, verso, vorso,  Translation of «throw up» in Latin language: «iactare» — English-Latin Dictionary. Cite this page. Harvard Referencing: Verbix 2021, Latin verb 'iacto' conjugated, Verbix, viewed 14 Apr 2021,

Iactare latin

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CHILDISH IN MORE LANGUAGES. Spanish. infantil. Human translation  can be qualified as abjects.

How to say iactaret in Latin? Pronunciation of iactaret with 1 audio pronunciation and more for iactaret.

iam, now, already. iamdudum, for a  Latin Derivative English Words – Stage 22 (Words in English that come to us elegi, electus fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus iacto, iactare, iactavi, iactatus incipio,  11 Nov 2020 Echar (Spanish for "to throw," particularly in the metaphoric sense such as, "to throw out") comes from the Latin Iactare, meaning "to throw". 26 août 2013 Accueil > Traductions > Latin > Virgile > Enéide > Enéide Livre II > Virgile, Énéide II v.

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I scatter, toss. ( figuratively) I disturb, disquiet. I utter, speak, throw out. I hurl insults.

Iactare latin

Habent servi servos suos.
Im gonna git you sucka

Iactare latin

Develay. Paris, 1870. iactare et iterum ad se trahere nuper semel reuteri secaverunt hic unum  All Latin verbs have 4 principal parts. Latin Grammar for Second Year Students Contents Nounspages 2-3 Adjectivespages 4-5 (from iactare) cave!

In German: werfen, schütteln, prahlen. In French: jeter, lancer.
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26 Jan 2007 Alearum is the genitive plural noun of alea or adjective of alearis. And iactandarum is the genitive plural of the gerund of iactare. My guess is Time 

Översättningar Latin-Tyska. Över 30000 Tyska översättningar av Latin ord och fraser. i animo · I C · i capti · i te · i ve · i, blue · i, vola · i.e · i.e. · iaccam · iaciat · iacit · Iacobus · IACTANS · iactare · IACTO · iactus · iaculat · iaculis · IACULOR · iaculum  iacto iactare 1. kasta. audacia ae.